Gear Lube GEAR TAC 300 / 460

Gear Lube GEAR TAC 300 / 460

GEAR TAC 300 / 460

The Ultimate Clean Replacement for Black Tac & Gear Grease.

All Hype aside, where you are looking to lubricate and protect heavily loaded, open gears it doesn’t get any better than Gear Tac 300 / 460

Gear Tac 300 / 460 is the supreme performance ultra-high viscosity synthetic lubricant, designed specifically for use in heavily loaded open gears where boundary lubrication conditions often prevail.  Gear Tac 300 / 460 has remarkable low-temperature fluidity with incredible high viscosity.

This ultra-high viscosity product can be pumped over relatively long distances and use standard spray application equipment.

The combination of a naturally high viscosity index and a unique additive system give the product exceptional thermal/oxidative properties and provides outstanding performance under severe high and low temperature operating conditions, even with very slow moving gears.

The formulation provides excellent gear scuffing protection, anti-wear performance and rust and corrosion inhibition, making it the perfect choice for land and sea based operations.

Gear Tac 300 / 460  does not contain any solvent or any asphaltic-type base oil and poses no significant Physical, Chemical or Environmental hazards.

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